It’s so Easy

It’s so easy to just fall in love with you.

It’s so easy to fall for your quirks. Your stories. Everything that makes you who you are.

It’s so easy to have feelings. To try and suppress it, often to no avail. To try to stop it, but then once it flows, to just let it. Because it makes all that buttery feeling inside, and the butterflies never stop fluttering, and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

It’s so easy to get lost in your eyes. To enjoy your company every minute of the day. To argue with you, and be different yet so similar at the same time.

But easy doesn’t last.

It will be hard. It will be hard knowing that you love someone else. It will be hard feeling that you should have seen the signs. That maybe what you saw was not real, and just a feeling of delusion on your part because you wanted so bad that after all the hardships, everything would be this easy.

It will be hard, once the thrill runs its course. It will be hard, knowing that you took this on, that it was acknowledged, because you are bored with how life is. Because you wanted something new, something exciting, you bet your feelings as the ultimate sacrifice.

And now you must pay the price. It will hurt so bad when the inevitable happens.


Until then, maybe I’ll let it be easy. At least let it last while it still is there, while hoping and praying that maybe easy will be the last that we’ll see.

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I now know what it really means to love yourself.

Before, I always didn’t get this, since hey. I eat, I sleep, I try to live. But then again, after going through so much loss and bullshit in this life, I now get it.

Loving yourself isn’t all about making sure you get the best materials, or splurge on everything that you want. Loving yourself means being capable of restrain, because what is best for you may not be what you want the most. Loving yourself means protecting your heart, body and soul against everything that could make it dysfunction. Loving yourself means learning to say no to more crap because in the end, your choices determine how your life is lived.

Loving yourself is learning to give yourself your best chance.

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The Day I decide to revive this blog

This is an article I wrote for Inquirer ages ago, and I thought that with it being published already, I can repost it here. Where all the thoughts I share go online, and can be read in one place.

Choosing to Live Happy

Change is the worst process of life.

One day you are happy and comfortable in your shell, with the people you trust, love and care for. And then, out of nowhere, life starts rearranging everything you stand for, and all this comes without any kind of preparation on your part. It’s like a guest coming unbidden into your house, and you are forced to make the hasty preparations in order to make that guest a blessing in your life.

I have never been one to express. I have always been a firm believer of the adage “Some things are better left unsaid”—and this time, those things are my feelings. Fear always gets ahead of me—fear of being rejected or of not being able to express myself well, which may result in people leaving me. Call it trust issues in some sense, but there’s always this need inside me to protect my heart and make sure it does not get hurt by the people I care for. In my head, I can count the people I trust that much, and truthfully, their number matches my combined sets of fingers and toes.

But what can you do when these people are suddenly the subjects that change slams on your face? How can you prepare for the hurt and pain it brings when suddenly the people you trust are the ones who break your heart? Change comes in the form of separation from them, pulling you out so that suddenly, you are gone from their lives. You see one another often, but are so distant each to each that you are at a loss for ways to get them back.

I value relationships over everything else. True, I will give my all to succeed in a tangible sense. But true happiness for me comes from knowing that I have people I can count on and live for, and that there are people who will welcome me home at all times and who will accept me for what I am, even if I do get on their bad side. True happiness comes from knowing that there will be people who genuinely care for me and who will hold me when I am at my lowest and weakest point.

If I am to count on someone completely, it only means that it has been tried and tested that that person will become my inspiration and part of my support system in my every endeavor. Thus, I have learned not only to invest in the tangible things but also, like a farmer, to sow seeds of trust and care that will produce the best results when the harvesting season comes.

And yet, now, I see the people I love and trust traveling so far away that my deepest feelings are unable to make them come back. My tears fall but they are totally irrelevant. They will not cease falling no matter how many times I try to stop them. No matter how much I care about certain people and how much I want them back, there is this part in my heart that is unable to let go of the hurt I felt when they pulled away from me. This part keeps me from asking them to be with me again. Now, I am left to figure out a way to solve my own little dilemma: Should I chase after that belief of always having them by my side, or should I just let go and shield myself from feeling pain all over again? I want them in my life for always, but exposing myself to pain all over again is not the most tempting option right now.

Change also compromises my initial stand. Should I suddenly express everything I have kept in my heart or should I continue keeping everything to myself, to prevent my feelings from coming out wrong and making things worse? Should I open myself, should I take that confrontational path where tears are sure to fall all over again? What do I owe these people more—the truth, or protection from myself and my life issues?

I guess the hardest thing about change is the fact that eventually I will have to start accepting it. It is no easy task, especially when I am yet to understand exactly what has happened, and why. Because change happens in the blink of an eye, it is hard to fully comprehend everything at once. As in dealing with that guest who unceremoniously enters my life, it is hard to take a deep breath, to take a step back, and to fix every messed-up space while trying to be cool and to regain control.

It is hard to understand why this much pain and inconvenience had to happen. Is it because I did something wrong? This question serves as the icing on your cake of shaken beliefs, which leave the heart troubled and the mind wondering more than ever. It is like being given a math problem in school. You choose to silently berate your teacher for presenting such a “hard” problem—disapproval being a clear sign of denial—because of the difficulty of comprehending and analyzing the numbers and their relations while trying to work under the time pressure you set on yourself so that you can live your happy, normal life once more.

I am left so confused and desperately trying to make sense of why this had to happen. If it was meant for the better—and being an optimist, I do believe that everything happens for a reason—why this method? What good will this bring to me? True, it does make me stronger, but I’d rather take physical pain for that kind of therapeutic growth. It’s like being a child tossed into the ocean and trying to find the right direction toward the shore—an almost impossible task against the chaotic tide. Imagine having to analyze that math problem while the tide constantly slaps across your body.

Change works that way: It is about as hard as you can imagine it to be.

Now, the only thing left to do—at least the only one that I can think of—is to keep on trying no matter how blindly I have to navigate toward safety. To hope that if life does not bring me back to my initial safe haven, it will at least lead me to a new, or, if the heavens approve, better one. To hope that life will at least compensate for this challenge by balancing it with a new life on a new shore with new experiences to positively commemorate in the new future.

I now realize that the only thing left to do is to trust life itself. I choose to live happy, therefore I have to trust that this setback will eventually vaporize into thin air. I must learn to trust life to bring back the people I love and, if not, to lead me to a better part of the web of humanity. Change must be received with an open heart, they say, and even if it does not account for a broken one, a heart will always remain a heart. Change may suck, but it is what keeps life going. It makes living as dynamic a process as it can get, thus letting people move forward to where they are supposed to be.

Even with all these realizations, however, it still stands. Change remains the worst process in living a life. But ironically, with the right attitude and set of principles, the outcome of your battle remains the best part of living a life.

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Today, I finally attempted to give up.

Give up on what life has to offer. Give in to the temptation of ending it all, hoping that somewhere lies a better chance of being happy. Give up the feeling of happiness in exchange for living a life without pain and disappointment.

Sadly that attempt has failed. I failed at taking my life. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not – maybe the Lord has something better planned, or maybe I just fail at everything I do. What this suicide attempt has accomplished is merely a feeling of dread on how am I to tread the wheel of life next. How am I to face my recent failure – both pre-emo and post-emo deeds? How am I to face the people who matter – who have invested their life and feelings on me, only to figure out that I failed? How am I to explain that maybe, life just wasn’t meant to be?

How can you go on, when the thing you’ve banked your life upon slowly shatters? I can live with this failure if only people are there. But what happens when you have no one to turn to but yourself? People are busy, problems are miniature, life goes on, etc. IT DOES NOT OKAY? IT DOES NOT GO ON. LIFE NEVER STOPPED FOR ANYBODY. If it did why else would “moving on” exist. WHY ELSE WOULD IT FEEL THIS SHITTY. WHY WOULD WE NEED TO PROCESS LIFE WHILE PRETENDING EVERYTHING IS OKAY

Bitter, sad feelings boil inside me right now. I don’t know what to do. I am angry at the world, at society at everything for even dictating how I should behave. For dictating what is expected from me. I AM TIRED. I AM THE WEAKEST LINK. There, I admitted it. Happy that I suffer? Well go bathe on your happiness because I sure as hell am not.

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You know you truly love something when you still hold on to it despite its imperfections and a bunch of people who make you feel bad about it. And you hold on to it because you know in the end, all your efforts in keeping that something are worth it. Because in the end, the only thing that matters is it’s significance in your life.

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Softly Now the Evening


Softly Now The Evening

Softly now the evening

Casts its shadows on the wall

And the days that once were blessed

With welcome cares unending

Now smile gently to remind us

We are not what once we were.


Where the fields once stretched before us

Beckoning with blades of green

Now they softly bend behind us

Where the reapers’feet have been


Come, let us sit awhile my friends

Grateful for this day

For this time we have together

May never come again


Who knows what days we still are given

Sunset is not night

And its hours glow and glimmer

Woven though with golden light


Perhaps some jeweled grain lies hidden

Forgotten, as we hastened

To heed the call of morning

Or fight the battles of our noons


Perhaps some blade of grass is sprouting

Where we thought the harvest done

Perhaps our shadows

Signaled but a river bend

Or a turn on the roads not taken


Perhaps the shadows hide some magic

we had not seen before

As in morning sunlight

We kept rushing evermore


Not for us to fear the shadows

Or the setting of the sun

The harvest never runs out

And our tasks are never done.


For you today

From someone

Who stood with you at the morning

May every moment

Brings its blessing

God’s loving care


– Lala F. Castillo

April 14, 2004

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Day 8: I Srsly don’t have anything to write -_______-

Thus, I have decided to post this. 🙂 HAHA

Some Zodiac Behaviors in Love


♈ Aries: Will demand their freedom yet become possessive themselves. Will see the world through rose-coloured glasses when they are in love. They become total romantics yet can be embarrassed by this and don’t like people seeing their vulnerable side

♉ Taurus: They are old fashioned in love and a confusing mix of sentimentality and toughness. Although they appear composed they have deeply intensified feelings of love and like to show physical evidence of it. It takes a long time for Taureans to give away their hearts, and only the strong will survive the wait

♊ Gemini: A Gemini will want to make friends with you first. Most of the relationship will base around conversation, big ideas and soul satisfying deep and meaningfuls. Although Gemini is desperate to find their long lost twin; they often surprise themselves with their detachment from people, and a lack of feeling; they also guard their freedom very forcefully

♋ Cancer: A Cancerian will instantly know what their partner wants in a relationship; they are very intuitive and ‘sixth-sense’ when it comes to this. They take love rather seriously and are very sensitive to any turbulence in their relationships. While their friends are out drinking; they’re busy picking names for your future children or mentally decorating their nurseries

♌ Leo: Leo are very proud and boastful in their love. They tend to gravitate towards people that fulfil their higher standards and they love to show their loved one off. Leo want the whole world to know they are in love and become a lot happier people when they are

♍ Virgo: Virgo prefer serene relationships and will become easily embarrassed in times of heavy emotionalism. If they like you, they will re-arrange their schedule; and find a time to fit you in it. Virgo’s nervous tendencies are especially evident on the first date

♎ Libra: A Libran lives for love; and spend their life searching until they find someone who balances the scales. Libra will always feel incomplete until they have found a mutually beneficial relationship. Libra wait years until the right person comes along, leaving friends and family wondering why someone with with such affability and liveability is still single

♏ Scorpio There is no middle ground for Scorpio; either they are deeply passionately in love or they don’t want to know you. They can be maddening to their partners; one minute they are detached, mysterious and ego-centric, and then ever shift into commitment and generosity

♐ Sagittarius Sagittarius require their freedom in relationships or it will be intolerable. Curiously, they can be quite possessive in relationships; only because they are aware of their own malleability and sense of detachment towards love. Even if Sagittarius has found true love their casual nature can make them appear indifferent

♑ Capricorn Love helps free the Capricorn from their own critical and stoic natures. Trying to break down the walls of a Capricorn and win their heart is no easy task. They have much more than ribcages protecting themselves. They  are huge on family, and are deeply loyal to their own

♒ Aquarius Aquarius prefer to forge a friendship first and usually prefer the live apart relationship for as long as they can. Love generates many overwhelming and confusion to an Aquarius, emotions which they struggle to read, this often makes them lose their rationality. Aquarius love love, but guard their independence fiercly

♓ Pisces Pisceans tend to wear rose-coloured glasses about their loved one in a relationship. This can cause many of them to find themselves in self destructive relationships with horrible partners. Sometimes, in love, a Piscean doesn’t realise they can do better for themselves. Love has been the core of many of the Piscean fantasies 


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Day 7: Everything is Still and Calm (I guess)

I have been dreading this daily post. 

With no words or thoughts to relate, I am lost for what I am supposed to write. Luckily, I stumbled upon this website

which could possibly help me in the future. Cheers!

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Day 6: I am The Best Liar In Town


People lie all the time. They lie to make people feel better or to cover up a story that they themselves cannot bear.

I am one of those people.From I’m okay to that’s pretty to happily ever after, I lie. I deceive because that’s how I can live.

I deceive people by telling them I’m okay when I’m not. How can you tell the people you love the truth that could probably burden them? How can you tell them that they are the cause of those tears falling and your heart breaking? If you were given a chance to protect them from the hard truth, would you not grab it? It is better to face things alone rather than infect the drama virus on the people you care for.

I lie to please others. I cannot tell secrets, I cannot insult someone and heck, I cannot tell the possibly bad truth to those with more power than me. It is always better being honest- to keep one’s integrity is the best path, and yet, society’s daily activities drive us to lie to fit in. Those white lies help you gain acceptance and, honestly speaking, they aid you in achieving a particular something you want in life.

I lie to get my way. This mostly applies to my parents. I love them to bits and pieces, but sometimes their overprotective instincts get overbearing and suffocating. I have to fight my way through every thing I wanna do. How can I live a life if I am always chained to their protective “shield”? How can I live my teenage life if I am always restricted to that naive, innocent child persona?

I lie to get by. Everything is okay, happy ending exists, everything will take a turn for the best. Those are the best lies. Those lies are what some people call “hope.” Those lies help lost souls find their correct path during their darkest hours.

Those lies.. help you lie in bed sleep and sound. (pun intended)

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