It’s so Easy

It’s so easy to just fall in love with you.

It’s so easy to fall for your quirks. Your stories. Everything that makes you who you are.

It’s so easy to have feelings. To try and suppress it, often to no avail. To try to stop it, but then once it flows, to just let it. Because it makes all that buttery feeling inside, and the butterflies never stop fluttering, and it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

It’s so easy to get lost in your eyes. To enjoy your company every minute of the day. To argue with you, and be different yet so similar at the same time.

But easy doesn’t last.

It will be hard. It will be hard knowing that you love someone else. It will be hard feeling that you should have seen the signs. That maybe what you saw was not real, and just a feeling of delusion on your part because you wanted so bad that after all the hardships, everything would be this easy.

It will be hard, once the thrill runs its course. It will be hard, knowing that you took this on, that it was acknowledged, because you are bored with how life is. Because you wanted something new, something exciting, you bet your feelings as the ultimate sacrifice.

And now you must pay the price. It will hurt so bad when the inevitable happens.


Until then, maybe I’ll let it be easy. At least let it last while it still is there, while hoping and praying that maybe easy will be the last that we’ll see.

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