Softly Now the Evening


Softly Now The Evening

Softly now the evening

Casts its shadows on the wall

And the days that once were blessed

With welcome cares unending

Now smile gently to remind us

We are not what once we were.


Where the fields once stretched before us

Beckoning with blades of green

Now they softly bend behind us

Where the reapers’feet have been


Come, let us sit awhile my friends

Grateful for this day

For this time we have together

May never come again


Who knows what days we still are given

Sunset is not night

And its hours glow and glimmer

Woven though with golden light


Perhaps some jeweled grain lies hidden

Forgotten, as we hastened

To heed the call of morning

Or fight the battles of our noons


Perhaps some blade of grass is sprouting

Where we thought the harvest done

Perhaps our shadows

Signaled but a river bend

Or a turn on the roads not taken


Perhaps the shadows hide some magic

we had not seen before

As in morning sunlight

We kept rushing evermore


Not for us to fear the shadows

Or the setting of the sun

The harvest never runs out

And our tasks are never done.


For you today

From someone

Who stood with you at the morning

May every moment

Brings its blessing

God’s loving care


– Lala F. Castillo

April 14, 2004

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