Day 8: I Srsly don’t have anything to write -_______-

Thus, I have decided to post this. 🙂 HAHA

Some Zodiac Behaviors in Love


♈ Aries: Will demand their freedom yet become possessive themselves. Will see the world through rose-coloured glasses when they are in love. They become total romantics yet can be embarrassed by this and don’t like people seeing their vulnerable side

♉ Taurus: They are old fashioned in love and a confusing mix of sentimentality and toughness. Although they appear composed they have deeply intensified feelings of love and like to show physical evidence of it. It takes a long time for Taureans to give away their hearts, and only the strong will survive the wait

♊ Gemini: A Gemini will want to make friends with you first. Most of the relationship will base around conversation, big ideas and soul satisfying deep and meaningfuls. Although Gemini is desperate to find their long lost twin; they often surprise themselves with their detachment from people, and a lack of feeling; they also guard their freedom very forcefully

♋ Cancer: A Cancerian will instantly know what their partner wants in a relationship; they are very intuitive and ‘sixth-sense’ when it comes to this. They take love rather seriously and are very sensitive to any turbulence in their relationships. While their friends are out drinking; they’re busy picking names for your future children or mentally decorating their nurseries

♌ Leo: Leo are very proud and boastful in their love. They tend to gravitate towards people that fulfil their higher standards and they love to show their loved one off. Leo want the whole world to know they are in love and become a lot happier people when they are

♍ Virgo: Virgo prefer serene relationships and will become easily embarrassed in times of heavy emotionalism. If they like you, they will re-arrange their schedule; and find a time to fit you in it. Virgo’s nervous tendencies are especially evident on the first date

♎ Libra: A Libran lives for love; and spend their life searching until they find someone who balances the scales. Libra will always feel incomplete until they have found a mutually beneficial relationship. Libra wait years until the right person comes along, leaving friends and family wondering why someone with with such affability and liveability is still single

♏ Scorpio There is no middle ground for Scorpio; either they are deeply passionately in love or they don’t want to know you. They can be maddening to their partners; one minute they are detached, mysterious and ego-centric, and then ever shift into commitment and generosity

♐ Sagittarius Sagittarius require their freedom in relationships or it will be intolerable. Curiously, they can be quite possessive in relationships; only because they are aware of their own malleability and sense of detachment towards love. Even if Sagittarius has found true love their casual nature can make them appear indifferent

♑ Capricorn Love helps free the Capricorn from their own critical and stoic natures. Trying to break down the walls of a Capricorn and win their heart is no easy task. They have much more than ribcages protecting themselves. They  are huge on family, and are deeply loyal to their own

♒ Aquarius Aquarius prefer to forge a friendship first and usually prefer the live apart relationship for as long as they can. Love generates many overwhelming and confusion to an Aquarius, emotions which they struggle to read, this often makes them lose their rationality. Aquarius love love, but guard their independence fiercly

♓ Pisces Pisceans tend to wear rose-coloured glasses about their loved one in a relationship. This can cause many of them to find themselves in self destructive relationships with horrible partners. Sometimes, in love, a Piscean doesn’t realise they can do better for themselves. Love has been the core of many of the Piscean fantasies 


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Day 7: Everything is Still and Calm (I guess)

I have been dreading this daily post. 

With no words or thoughts to relate, I am lost for what I am supposed to write. Luckily, I stumbled upon this website

which could possibly help me in the future. Cheers!

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Day 6: I am The Best Liar In Town


People lie all the time. They lie to make people feel better or to cover up a story that they themselves cannot bear.

I am one of those people.From I’m okay to that’s pretty to happily ever after, I lie. I deceive because that’s how I can live.

I deceive people by telling them I’m okay when I’m not. How can you tell the people you love the truth that could probably burden them? How can you tell them that they are the cause of those tears falling and your heart breaking? If you were given a chance to protect them from the hard truth, would you not grab it? It is better to face things alone rather than infect the drama virus on the people you care for.

I lie to please others. I cannot tell secrets, I cannot insult someone and heck, I cannot tell the possibly bad truth to those with more power than me. It is always better being honest- to keep one’s integrity is the best path, and yet, society’s daily activities drive us to lie to fit in. Those white lies help you gain acceptance and, honestly speaking, they aid you in achieving a particular something you want in life.

I lie to get my way. This mostly applies to my parents. I love them to bits and pieces, but sometimes their overprotective instincts get overbearing and suffocating. I have to fight my way through every thing I wanna do. How can I live a life if I am always chained to their protective “shield”? How can I live my teenage life if I am always restricted to that naive, innocent child persona?

I lie to get by. Everything is okay, happy ending exists, everything will take a turn for the best. Those are the best lies. Those lies are what some people call “hope.” Those lies help lost souls find their correct path during their darkest hours.

Those lies.. help you lie in bed sleep and sound. (pun intended)

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Day 5: I Wait then I strike

My sister’s getting on my nerves. Insensitive, bitchy, and good for nothing!

I was asking her to stop streaming videos so that I can finish my download and there she goes! Watching lots of videos at one time.

I would soooooo get my revenge. She just wait. When the perfect opportunity comes, she’d REGRET this.

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Happy. Witty. Lovely. Reserved!



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For future me who will face another year:

For future me who will face another year:

I know you can do this 🙂

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2012 in a nutshell


Needless to say, 2012 has been a truly remarkable, memorable year.

And I am not talking about the gooey mushy type where everything seems to go well. The best memories, in fact, come from those instances where everything seems to fail.

The best feeling is when you overcome obstacles feeling stronger, wiser and better than ever. Thus, for the sake of documentation, I have compiled the ten top moments in my life for this year. Hopefully, by typing this down, I can get back to how this year has been for me and reinforce the lessons I learned when all hope seems to fail in the future.

  • Take the risk and take the fall. If it’s what you want then it’s worth it all. This is probably the most fitting lesson I’ve learned for the year. Desire should always overrule doubt in anything. A road may be hard but like all roads, it bridges a person to their certain desired destination; thus, it must be traveled at all costs in order to arrive at that place where the person’s satisfaction lies.
  • Nobody could believe in yourself better than you. True, people around you would compose your support system; however, all this is negated when you yourself have no faith in making the right decisions. Never second guess yourself; in the end only you would know what you need and only you could know what is right for your life.
  • Never listen to anyone besides yourself. It is normal for the people you care for to dissuade you to pursue some path you’re on. This is understandable, as they only want what is best for you and thus try to impose the “right” path as they see it. However, only YOU are in charge with your life and no one else. Never do something that is contrary to what you believe in and never let anyone undermine your capabilities and beliefs. The biggest regrets answer to the question “what could have happened” and in the long run, you might end up regretting and hating on the people you love for pulling you down.
  • You gotta dream and dream big. Life has no limits. Nothing is impossible. Sounds far fetched? Not really. Life has this funny way of providing opportunities for people who believe that anything is impossible. Decades ago society never thought people physically apart from each other could see each other face to face. Now, there’s video chat.
  • The most successful people have no back up plans. This was something I read ages ago in an article titled “What Successful People Do To Succeed.” Sure, it’s practical to always have a back up plan. However, successful people who dreamed big are never practical. (Heck, they most probably dreamed the impossible!) When you know that you do not have a fallback, you would work thrice as hard so that even if you fall short, there’s at least a 33% chance that you would meet whatever output you’re dreaming of.
  • Always give it your all. Never give only what you have. Contribute more! Always find ways to acquire the resources you need (legally of course). It is always more rewarding to see your success after you have worked hard for it.
  • Trust in God (or whatever entity you believe in). Supernatural assistance is always a big help. It keeps you sane when the stress and chaos becomes too much.
  • Cherish the people you care about as if it’s the end of the world any time soon. They are your biggest supporters and would help carry your weight when the burden becomes too much. It never hurts to have extra helping hands (and having people you can share your success with is a big bonus too)!
  • Always keep a smile in your face and stay optimistic ALWAYS. Attitude is a big factor in success and to stay positive helps (bigtime) in lessening the burden. Besides, a smile is the best accessory any girl (and even guys!) could wear.
  • Last but not the least: HAVE FUN AND BE SPONTANEOUS! The best things come for free, and the best source of this is… dun dun dun! … the ADRENALINE RUSH! The excitement of experiencing something new is definitely worthwhile and the best trips are those that are not planned. Loosen up and try to lose that strict schedule of yours, it only adds unnecessary wrinkles to your face. Live young and live well!

Cheers to the new year! Thank you 2012, hello 2013!

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