Day 6: I am The Best Liar In Town


People lie all the time. They lie to make people feel better or to cover up a story that they themselves cannot bear.

I am one of those people.From I’m okay to that’s pretty to happily ever after, I lie. I deceive because that’s how I can live.

I deceive people by telling them I’m okay when I’m not. How can you tell the people you love the truth that could probably burden them? How can you tell them that they are the cause of those tears falling and your heart breaking? If you were given a chance to protect them from the hard truth, would you not grab it? It is better to face things alone rather than infect the drama virus on the people you care for.

I lie to please others. I cannot tell secrets, I cannot insult someone and heck, I cannot tell the possibly bad truth to those with more power than me. It is always better being honest- to keep one’s integrity is the best path, and yet, society’s daily activities drive us to lie to fit in. Those white lies help you gain acceptance and, honestly speaking, they aid you in achieving a particular something you want in life.

I lie to get my way. This mostly applies to my parents. I love them to bits and pieces, but sometimes their overprotective instincts get overbearing and suffocating. I have to fight my way through every thing I wanna do. How can I live a life if I am always chained to their protective “shield”? How can I live my teenage life if I am always restricted to that naive, innocent child persona?

I lie to get by. Everything is okay, happy ending exists, everything will take a turn for the best. Those are the best lies. Those lies are what some people call “hope.” Those lies help lost souls find their correct path during their darkest hours.

Those lies.. help you lie in bed sleep and sound. (pun intended)

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