Day 3: the Last Day for Regrets

With a new year comes a fresh start.

Although personalities do not change as fast as the clock’s ticking from :59 to sharp, outlooks in life can alter as fast as the blink of an eye. At least that’s how it works for me.

True, it takes weeks, months, and even years to contemplate a particular part of one’s life. But the most profound changes can happen so fast, it is amazing the way people can cope up with such sudden movements. The universe rotates within 24 hours- more than enough time to flick people’s lives with their minute hands. As they say “a lot can change in the course of one day.” (Eat Bulaga Easter Special way way way before)

And as ’12 makes way for ’13 in this unending cycle, I intend for developmental changes to come as fast. I intend to leave behind a year of regrets, and opt to start fresh with one -nay – 365 pairs of bright, hopeful eyes. I’ve had less than a finger count’s worth of regrets and yet, I feel that I am supposed to have none. For a long time no regrets came to light and yet come 2012 – sarcastic yey!- majority of those regrets entered my life. The lies, the mistrust, the goodbyes made it all too harsh, thus leading me to forget a very important motto. “Live with no regrets” hath been challenged gravely- something that I vow to alter and restore for the coming year. Everyday is a gift given by the Lord, and should therefore not be wasted on petty, bitter misgivings.

Thus, I vow to live this year full of hope, love and happiness to strengthen every fiber of my being. I promise to continue being me all the time- the carefree, happy me that refuses to be shaken by the unseen evil forces the universe throws at my feet. I am me! – scarier, more menacing and bitchy than these forces combined.

I see videos of my previous younger self and begin to reminisce how carefree I was. This person is still present inside, trapped by all the stress and chaos that growing up could bring. I realized that I have matured but, more importantly, I begin to understand that this maturity is founded on my youth. Without the strong foundation that a child’s innocence can contribute, all the lessons I have learned would never make its way to my heart and soul. A tree can mature and grow branches only if it had strong roots as its support. Furthermore, a tree could never fully blossom to a sturdy and handsome tree until it finds it makes its way back to its roots and strengthens its foundation some more.

This is why I must rekindle the old me. To grow as a person full of happiness, I must revisit – and change for 2013 – to whom I used to be. I will reinforce that old – yet new – outlook upon myself for every waking hour next year so that when the right time comes, I can be the best woman that I can be.

And with that. Cheers to the new year my friends! May love and prosperity be with us all.

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