Day 1: The Day That I Decided to Fulfill My Promise

First day of online diary! Hahaha.

I never was good at keeping diaries up to date. However, since it involved the internet, and thanks to the perks of technology, it involves typing like a pro, I decided to give it a try.

The day started out as normal as any day could be: I was sleepy as hell. I never was the type to wake up early in the morning. Call it a nocturnal baby- I am wide awake when the moon is up, and the energy slow goes down as it makes way for the king of light.

Apparently, I was not the only one feeling this way awhile ago. The people I was supposed to be with had some trouble getting up thus we had to cancel our booking which was good for me since I had time to get coffee.

(not so) Usual turn out of events for the day: Fun = Karaoke + Foodtrip + Bonding/Teasing + LAZERTAAAAG!!

(You know what, I fear that this blog might not be the right thing for me. It feels so right, but I worry that I would get too attached and forget how to interact on a realistic level. I still would want to be as interpersonal as possible. For the last 6 years that hath been my life. Flameo hotman, it’s not something you can easily forget/forego. Maybe this could be my practice field.)

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