The Post that Follows the First

I am on a roll!!

Seconds after posting the first text post, I am drafting another one. HAHA. Guess I just have that many feels.

It sucks when life forces you to take back everything you do or say. When suddenly things don’t go according to plan, and you’re left hanging and wondering how you can save everything that has happened.

Life has a funny way of dealing with people. One minute, you have plans and you get excited and then the next part it all spirals out of control and you’re left trying to right what you feel has been “wronged.”

It sucks that at the same time, you know you have no right to stay angry and disappointed because in the first place you were not supposed to expect. You have been warned numerous times beforehand, only to have it fall on your deaf ear, but hey- technically it’s not anyone’s (but yourself’s) fault.

Maybe it’s time you start caring less. Before everything else starts breaking your heart.

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